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Trader Watch

Protect yourself from dealing with a rogue trader from just £6 plus VAT

The first step in protecting yourself from potentially dealing with a rogue trader or Cowboy builder, as they are sometimes known, is ensuring you know who you are actually dealing with. Trader Watch helps consumers do just that by:

  1. checking out the details of who you are contracting with.
  2. Confirming if they are a limited entity or sole trader.
  3. If a limited entity then we can check out their financials, director histories and that they are up to date  with their filing requirements. We can also advise whether they have any existing CCJ’s registered against them.
  4. We can offer a guideline credit limit which will indicate the level of credit they may get from their suppliers which can be a good indication as to whether they are of a sufficient size to undertake your job.
  5. or, confirm that caution should be used and perhaps another contractor or trader should be sought to work with.
  6. If they are a sole trader then financial information is not usually available but a legitimate trader of some years should leave a trail and we should be able to confirm longevity and whether the business owner is free of CCJ’s.
  7. We can maintain the trader on our monitoring service for 3 months or 12 months, depending on how long your job should take. We monitor your trader daily and automatically advise you of any salient changes to financials or operational integrity.

For a trader report, with or without monitoring, please complete the below form. You should be redirected, after the form completion, to the Make a Payment  page.  You can select the option with or without monitoring and make your payment via Paypal.

  • Without Monitoring £6.00 plus VAT
  • With 3 months monitoring £12.00 plus VAT
  • With 12 months monitoring £18.00 plus VAT

If your payment is not received your report will not be emailed. If you have any problems using this service, please get in touch on 01903 368080 or email 

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