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Debtor Watch

Protect your small business from potential bad debts

The first step in protecting your small business from bad debts is understanding who your customer really is. Debtor Watch helps small businesses do just that by:

  1. checking out their financials, director histories and that they are up to date  with their filing requirements.
  2. offering a guideline credit limit to trade within
  3. or, confirming that credit terms should not be granted and that payment up front would be the safest option
  4. monitoring your customers daily and automatically advising you of any salient changes to financials or operational integrity

Debtor Watch offers some of the services that we include in our managed credit insurance policies but is suitable for small businesses that do not  usually fit the profile for a policy, either because the minimum policy costs make it too expensive or, because the value of trade with customers usually sits around or below the 1st loss or uninsured portion of a policy.

If you turnover between £20k and £500k and you tend to have customer accounts with balances of between £100.00 and £1k/£2k, then it is likely a policy would seem expensive and would not necessarily provide very much cover. However, I am sure you are still interested in  protecting your small business from bad debts.

Debtor Watch could help you reduce potential bad debts and monitor your debtors at a fraction of the cost of a policy. This is not a credit insured product and all trade is at your own risk however, it is the first step in mitigating potential credit risk and financial loss.

For a call back to discuss your options, or a quote, please complete the below and attach a CSV or Excel version of your sales ledger. If you just want to chat through the service please note this in the comments box and do not upload your sales ledger. If you want a quote, please attach your sales ledger.

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