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Improve Your Cash Flow

6 4 G Ltd provides a professional credit control service; contacting your customers by telephone and email, sending out copy invoices and statements where required. We provide regularity and a consistent approach, which is evidenced through the reduced debt turn and improved cash flow for your business. If you would like a quote for this please fill out our short form.

For small  businesses or new start businesses, why not combine our robust credit control service with our Debtor Watch product to ensure you are constantly aware of the financial standing of your customers.

We are experienced at working with businesses that use external funders to help with their cash flow. This means we can easily liaise with all key stakeholders to ensure all parties are close to the debt (funded asset).This provides further comfort to your financier.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Far from detracting from the close relationship you may have built up with your customers, 64G Ltd will work with you to design a collection service that fits with your requirements, yet still brings in the cash for you more quickly than you have seen before. This allows you the time to deal with your customers on the sales side, meaning you no longer have to wear two hats; sales and accounts. When you concentrate on sales and leave the collections to 64G Ltd, you can be sure that your customer relationships will strengthen.

Reduce Your Finance Costs

If you currently use invoice finance to fund your business, we can ensure that you are only borrowing the  minimum you need. The improved cash receipts will ensure your borrowings are as low as possible, so therefore your discount fee is as low as possible. The improved cash flow usually means we can ensure you draw by BACS and not CHAPS, so that you are not charged additional fees for same day transfers. How do we do this? We chase your whole ledger. Not just your top ten, or the invoices that are already ageing. We will collect all of your debts, liaising with you at regular intervals. Advising you immediately of any queries or disputes raised by your customers.

Improve Your Service

The regularity of our professional contact with your customers will very quickly show improvements in the debt turn, which will save you money and free you from financial worry. 64G Ltd’s key offering may sound old fashioned but what we offer we believe so many clients want, but find their current providers may lack: top class service and human contact.

Communication is key.